This time it is Blob-A-Blob by AmigaLive in 1990

You play as a Green Blob, and your task is to colour up all the Tiles on each platform while avoiding the nasties what lurk around

Your only method of avoiding the Nasties is a Jump Up method, so timing is definately key here, as jumping too early or late, will cause your life to be drained, as there is no on screen counter for this sadly, You kinda have to guess at your remaining life left

There are switches to press, which can reveal other tiles to change colour of, or indeed teleports (which look like a flat-V shape on each platform) will teleport you to another platform

There is some in-game Music what plays, if you are dead or not started the game, sound effects will play instead and enemies will just randomly move around until you Play

While this Game works in Kickstart 2+ as the Sludge Creatures will cover up the Tiles making them hard to see, so it is included in the KS1.3 Collection

Not much about this Game online (not surprising really tbh) since it is quite a poor Game, and maybe so poor that even the Developer wanted to refer to themselves as letters, rather than a proper name (eg. see below)

Requires Kickstart 1.3 – otherwise you get Graphical Glitches and some No Collision Issues

Code: AmigaLive / KAA
Graphics: Rob
Music: DDT

Views: 140

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