Here is Rick Dangerous 2.5 (or 2 1/2) by Microstyle / Core Design in 1991

You star as Rick Dangerous, and your job is to prevent Fat Guy to let an Alien Race take over the world

You have Bullets and Bombs, and in Rick Dangerous 2.5 you can even Slide the Bombs across the Floor using Fire and Down Left or Down Right to Slide them across the floor, handy if you need to slide it through a narrow crawl gap for example

This version is based off Rick Dangerous 2 and the Gameplay matches that version more or less, There is a long upwards level you need to complete, then you walk through to the Final Room of the Game which then completes it

You must solve puzzles and watch out for Laser Bolts and Traps such as Spikes, Pits, as well as avoiding Enemies which sometimes follow a path, and other times, are completely random in movement

You get to climb ladders, go up and down lifts as well, shooting enemies as you go, or leading them into traps which will also kill them, be aware you are limited in Bullets and Bombs so use them wisely!

Code: Micro Style / Core Design

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