Commercial Game of the Month for May goes to Road Rash from 1991 by Electronic Arts

This motorbike racing Game is one of the best on the Amiga, You ride along with other computer players, who can knock you off your bike, you can also knock them off their bike as well

Gotta say that is the best thing about this Game, being able to club your computer opponents over the head, and hopefully knock them off their bikes, so you can get further ahead in the hope of winning the race

There are sharp corners and obsticles to avoid such as barriers and cars driving across the road you are travelling down

At intersections you need to avoid traffic coming from the left and right, along with oncoming traffic as you race down the road

The only bug bear I would say with the Amiga version is the long loading times, even the Demo takes ages to load, and only has the Single Level included, but apart from that gripe I actually quite like this Game

Published: Electronic Arts
Developer: PeakStar Software
Code: Pete J. Hickinson
Graphics: Mark Edwards
Music: Jason A. S. Whitely

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