This time it is Maniac Ball, Written in 1997 by Diamond Productions/Peter Elzner

Maniac Ball is an Arkanoid/Breakout-clone, But with a huge difference, There are Bats (or Paddles) on upto all 4 sides of the screen, so you have to watch the Ball very closely or you will lose it out of one of the sides of the play area

As with any Bat/Ball/Paddle Game, The basic principle here is exactly the same, To keep the Ball in play, hit the Blocks to clear the Level

There are lots of pickups available, such as Increase/Decrease Paddle Size, Speed Up/Slow Down Ball, Extra Lives, Lasers, Extra Balls, Steel Balls, Protection Wall, and also Warp to Next Level, and Extra Lives are awarded at 10,000 and then every 20,000 points

Plenty of Sound Effects in-game as well, the Ball Sounds when it hits objects and your Bat, and Explosion sounds when it hits a TNT Block, which also blasts away a few blocks surrounding it, and also a “Meep Meep” sound effect when you hit Special Blocks, as well as some nice decent Title Screen Music, which is nice to listen to

There is also a Level Editor included, so you can make more Levels if you want to as well, This is a decent all-round Game, and seriously is immense fun to play!

Publisher: Diamond Productions
Code: Peter Elzner
Graphics: Peter Elzner

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