Spheroid & Spheroid Christmas Edition

This is Spheroid by Andy Vaisey in 2022

In this Game, You control a sphere or a ball, and your task is to reach the “Exit” square, however, there are only certain tiles which you can land on, which are thankfully shown on the right side of the screen, along with a timer, which will only count down when you are not moving, as well as your moves left, and finally your Lives

Your aim is to move across the “safe tiles” in order to reach the “Exit” tile, and avoid the “unsafe tiles” (those which are not listed in the “Safe” column on the right of the screen, for example a level may say red and green are safe tiles, which means other tiles, such as grey are not safe and will cost you a life if you land on them

Other tiles like Ice are safe to land on, but will skid you across to the opposite tile, which could be a safe or unsafe tile, if its unsafe, this would cost you a life again, if it is safe, then you would continue the path towards the Exit tile

There are also other types of tiles which will affect your spheroid, which are as follows:

Voids – Your spheroid falls into oblivion
Cracked – Tile will fall away after you roll over it
Mine – Tile will explode when you move off it
Transporter – Tile will send you to another area of the map
Grooved Tiles – Moves your sphere
Ice – This will slide your sphere onto the next block opposite
Conveyor Tiles – Black/Yellow Tiles with arrows on, which will move you in the stated direction
Bridge Switch – Activates a tile so you can cross over
Colour Switch – Switches a unsafe colour to a safe colour so you can cross it
Wall – Blocks your path onwards
Exit Tile – You need to get to this tile to exit the level

This is a fun Game, and has 50 levels of fun, as well as a Christmas-themed Edition, which has 15 levels, which I will include as a Bonus, so you can play both versions!

Please support Andy by donating on his Spheroid Game page and feel free to read his forum post over at Lemon Amiga Forums

Developer: Arkanix Labs
Code: Andy Vaisey
Graphics: Toni Galvez
Sound: Andy Vaisey

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