Crypto Scam via Twitter/X Social Network

Please be aware that a SCAM involving Crypto is going around at the moment, I will explain how it works below, and always make sure you NEVER give over ANY of your MONEY or PERSONAL DETAILS, such as Bank Account Numbers, Your Address, or anything else which can be used to identify you

Stay Safe Online!

Anyway, Yesterday on X, I was contacted by this guy (I will call him Jim) who said if you reply back “support me” I will send you $5,000 – That was it, so obviously I thought “Why not?” – I even KNEW at this point its a SCAM – But went ahead to see what would happen, and also so I could warn others not to fall for this type of Scam

I got a reply back to move conversation to PM, they then had me download a Crypto app from the App Store, and I gave them the BitCoin Address from the App, after about a 10 minute wait (possibly stalling at this point)

They came back to me, and showed me a clearly “photoshopped” image of the transfer into the BitCoin Address, then after about another 5 minutes, the amount had not showed up in the BitCoin, so I then asked them “Where is the money?” to which they replied “You need to deposit $100 its fraud detection, you need to deposit money to release the funds”

So immediately at this point I KNEW it was a SCAM, so I declined to do anything further, and ceased conversation with them

Please make sure you do NOT fall for these types of SCAMS, Stay Safe out there

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