To kick off CD32 Month – It is the turn of Bomb Pac CD32 by Oliver Wagner in 1993

You are Pacman, You start in a maze, and like Pacman, your task is to collect all the Dots to open the exit

What makes this Game more unique than that, is you have pickups with question marks on them, along with keys which can open other areas in the map for you to collect either more dots, bonuses and even more keys sometimes

Additionally, you have BOMBS, which can be used to blow up walls, and enemies what venture around in a quite random fashion, chase after you to try and kill you

On some levels there are doorways which can be opened by a button as well, houses which work as teleporters, sending you to another part of the map, and RIP Gravestones which appear to do nothing

Once you have collected all the dots, the exit will open, which initially is shown as a Green door with the word EXIT written on it, once activated it looks like an open door that you must proceed towards to exit and complete the level

There are sound effects which occur for dot munching, specials pickup and there is a musical tone at the end of each completed level

Code: Oliver Wagner

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