This time it is the turn of Air Taxi by David C. May in 1994

In this pretty interesting Game, you are an Air-based Taxi and your job is to escort people from their source to thier destination, there is no time limit to do this, But you do start with 4 Taxis

You have numbered platforms, and when a person appears, they shout “Hey Taxi” and start waving at you, this is your cue to get to them, land safely, pick them up, and then take them to their chosen platform, for example from Platform 1 to Platform 3

When you drop them off, sometimes they say “Thankyou” or variations of that, along with crediting your balance with some cash for taking them

At the top left hand corner, You have the amount of Customers you need to deliver before the next level becomes available, and you need to fly upto the top where the arrow appears to continue onto the next level, and at the top right of the screen is the level and and number

The Sound Effects are pretty nicely done, and the Voices are pretty neat addition too, which makes this Game a good all-rounder, and pleasant to play

Code: David C. May

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