This is Alien Bash, from 1993, by Stuart Law and Glen Cumming

In this Game, you are a human who has to kill hoards of Alien Slime Balls using the basic gun as provided, you need to run around, shooting these balls of slime before they kill you

The aim is to rescue the Prisoners, which are at each corner of the game play area, which have forcefields around them, which must be destroyed before you can collect the prisoners from within

You will need your wits about you, as the alien slime balls do come pretty quick, and you also need to be aiming at them to fire your gun

There are plenty of powerups, which include invincibility, tripe-shot, and plenty more to discover in this Game

The sequel to this is Alien Bash II which is a Clone of the Commercial Game The Chaos Engine

Publisher: The One Amiga
Code: Stuart Law, Glen Cumming
Graphics: Stuart Law, Glen Cumming
Sounds: Stuart Law, Glen Cumming

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