This little gem is called Bode Runner 98 by Christophe Kohler, from 1998

Your aim is to collect the Treasures on each level, then proceed to the Exit

You have ladders to climb, you can fall off platforms, and use ropes to navigate the levels, There are plenty of included levels and there is also a Level Editor included so you can make your own levels as well

There are various enemies along the way who will try and stop you on your quest, from Balls and Robots, all who will pick up your Treasure, and will only release it if you dig them a nice big hole to fall into

Each level has a certain time limit in order to complete it, if you run out of time, you have to restart the level, and this also costs you one life

Once you have completed a Level, you get a Time Bonus (not in the Practise Levels) and there are a fair few Level Packs included which have plenty of Levels for you to play

There is also a Level Editor included, which you can create your own maps as well

Note: This is a Preview version, I have asked permission from Christophe Kohler and have been given permission to release this version, The game at this point I would personally say is more or less complete anyway, it is fully playable as it is now

Code: Christophe Kohler

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