Now this is Top Hat Willy, which is very similar in gameplay to Jet Set Willy, in which you must guide him around his huge mansion, and collect all the shiny flashy objects, while avoiding a multitude of enemies, from Flying Birds, Rabbits, Bubbles, Barrels, Wheels and tons more enemies all wanting to take a life from you

You start on The Beach with just your wits about you, trying to fathom out how to proceed, just like in Jet Set Willy before, Top Hat Willy contains the same sort of gameplay, and has some nice background music to boot

You seem to have an unlimited amount of rooms to explore and you need to solve the traps in order to collect your shiny items, while you avoid the vast amount of varied enemies, which always move in a pattern, sometimes up and down, sometimes left and right, and sometimes even diagonal, so timing is generally key here, wait till they vacate the area where you need to go, and remember not to jump over them just as they are turning, as they will turn, hit you, and cause loss of life

This is not a bad game to play, although I do think it is more difficult to complete than Jet Set Willy, while I am not generally a fan of these type of games per-se, I will say this one is well made and designed from the outset, But the most annoying thing is that his Hat can get caught up on the enemies rather too easily, since it leans backwards quite a lot really, so bear that in mind when playing this gem

More or less you just have to remember, anything what moves can kill you, anything what glistens is collectable, and once you have collected all the objects, You Win!

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