Here we go, as voted for on Twitter, This time around its Infection by Gary Dunne, who also created Toobz which I reviewed earlier in the year

Well this game is actually quite good, I like playing this a lot, You can play against the Computer, so people who are alone (like me) can play it on your own, the object of the game is very simple, You just need to ‘Infect’ the other Cells on the board

Theres Red, Purple, Blue and Green, all of which can be Human or Computer controlled, You take turns moving your Blobs, If you move to the square next to you, Your Blob mutates and fills the square, however, if you jump 2 squares, your Blob will jump to that square, leaving its old spot behind

At each corner there are counters, the First figure shows you how many Blobs you have on screen, The second figure is the number of passes you make

On screen there are some Flashing Circles, these are handy to claim everything in the same line as your colour, so jump on these when you need to claim the Horizontal and Vertical lines from the Circles Position, There are only 4 of these, so use them wisely and only when needed

If you claim more of the screen than your enemy, You win, During my Gameplay, I got 28 Squares, Can you do any better with 3 CPU Players?

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  1. I remember getting this game on a coverdisk and it really is an excellent little two player game. Even playing against the computer is fun for a while. I still play it from time to time today.

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