This is Keno by Peter Craven Weipa in 1990, Written in AMOS

Keno is a Lottery style program, You start with a grid of 80 numbers, and you pick what numbers you like from the grid, then you click a Bet Amount from the Yellow numbers below the grid from 1 to 10 bet amount

Click Play at this point, and the computer will randomly pick numbers off the grid, if you match a number it will flash, and this will continue for a while as each number is picked by the computer

At the end you then have 3 options at the bottom of the screen, Clear will clear the board so you can pick more numbers and continue again, Replay will replay the last round, and Payout will show you the winning amounts

The Game is not really that bad, except for the tinny clicking sounds really drive you insane after a while, so you might need to mute those

Source is included for this Game

Code: Peter Craven Weipa

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