Month: February 2021

Top Secret

This time around it is Top Secret, Originally featured in Amiga Power Magazine way back in 1992, Wow how time files eh? In Top Secret, You are the Purple Guy with the Bombs, and you need to collect all the Floppy Disks in order to proceed through the game (Remember those? haha!) while avoiding the […]

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad is quite a decent platformer, Created by Scott Hayne in 1993, In Fruit Salad, You play as Brewster, It starts off showing Brewster and his mates playing and jumping around, then the Evil Triax appears, and Brewster hides behind a bush, while Triax converts your friends into enemies, leaving poor Brewster to rescue […]

Snake Pit

Snake Pit is a game by MKSoft Development, way back in 1988, and the objective of this very simple game, is to collect the gems on each level, while avoiding your own growing body and tail, as if you touch your body or your tail, you lose a live, luckily this game is pretty generous […]