Month: February 2022

Mad Bomber

This quite simple little game is called Mad Bomber created by David Papworth in 1991 You are a set of Black Tyres at the bottom of the screen, and your job is to catch all the Bombs the Mad Bomber drops, if you miss even one of them, You lose a life and have to […]

Troddlers [D]

The Commercial Game Of The Month for February 2022 is Troddlers by ATOD Design / The Sales Curve In Troddlers, you need to guide your little orange coloured men to the Exit Doors (which looks like Cinema Curtains), along the way you need to Build paths with Blocks, such as Stone, Arrowed Blocks which forces […]


This time it is Lemmingoids by El Caracho which is basically the same as Amigoids, which I reviewed a while back, But this version uses Lemmings Graphics and Sound Effects! This time you play as a Umbrella, and you have to shoot Lemmings down to size, sometimes another Lemming will zoom onto the screen, which […]

Changed Menu System

Starting from March 2022, The Menu System will be powered by AmigaGuide, This new format also allows me to add Documentation in-line with each Game (if its available) and looks nicer and has better navigation than the older Menu System I used Advantages: Can add Document and other links to each Game The Menus look […]

Master Blaster

Here we have Master Blaster, a 1995 Game by Peter Elzner and Alexander Ivanof Many Thanks to Peter for allowing me to distribute the Full Version This is essentially a Bomberman-clone, for 2 Players and Above, where you have to Blast away Blocks to get to the other Player in order to Kill them to […]

Maniac Ball

This time it is Maniac Ball, Written in 1997 by Diamond Productions/Peter Elzner Maniac Ball is an Arkanoid/Breakout-clone, But with a huge difference, There are Bats (or Paddles) on upto all 4 sides of the screen, so you have to watch the Ball very closely or you will lose it out of one of the […]