Month: August 2021

Creepy Crawlies

Well what can I say about Creepy Crawlies, well its a Centipede-Clone (obviously) by Frank Schonlau The player controls a small Ship. It is moved around the bottom area of the screen, and your aim is to fire darts at a segmented centipede advancing from the top of the screen through a field of mushrooms Each segment of the Centipede […]

Nibby Nibble

Well what do we have here then, It’s “Nibby Nibble” the Huge Snake, Coded by Gabriele Roncolato / Amiga News This game is actually quite good, Has some rather nice background music, which fits in nicely, as well as munch sounds, which, to be fair, are ok, but I personally would have picked a more […]

6K Pacman

This time its the turn of 6K Pacman, also like 5K Invaders, this was coded in Amiga-E by Peter Gordon, Pacman of course, is a hero we all know, But so tiny, and compact, although due to the ghostie intelligence routines, it takes up a tiny bit more space than 5K Invaders, so it has […]

5K Invaders

This time around its 5K Invaders, and yes, this one program is so small, it can fit anywhere and is only 5576 bytes! Created by Peter Gordon ( its a very well made tiny game in a programming language called Amiga-E and its a good Space Invaders Clone Despite its basic appearance, simple title screen, […]