Nibby Nibble

Well what do we have here then, It’s “Nibby Nibble” the Huge Snake, Coded by Gabriele Roncolato / Amiga News

This game is actually quite good, Has some rather nice background music, which fits in nicely, as well as munch sounds, which, to be fair, are ok, but I personally would have picked a more appropriate sound than what is there

As far as Snake-type Games go, This is quite a good well made all rounder, It has a nice huge snake to contend with, the Levels are pretty well designed, The pickups vary each level, for example, Carrots on Level 1, Bears on Level 2, and Coins on Level 3 for example, giving the Game a decent refresh of content each level

I would think by looking at the graphics this game was kinda aimed at children, But do not let that persuade you not to play it, as I even still play it, and it is quite enjoyable, and finding new ways and quicker ways to complete the levels as well, keeps you glued in for longer, as you always tend to find another method to clear a level more quickly

NOTE: The clock counts down faster in KS2/3 so this will be included on the KS1.3 image so it runs at a Normal Speed

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