Another Epic Game just has to be Super Twintris, by Big Brother Copy, This game is Tetris but 2-player side-by-side with some wonderful background music, both on the Title Screen and In-Game, you even have 3 different in-game tunes to choose from as well which is a great touch

As with most Tetris based games, this is absolutely no different, Tiles will fall down randomly from the top of the screen, at the start they are slow to drop, but as the level goes on, the drop speed increases drastically, which means you have to be super quick to put them in position or end up building right upto the top of the screen, which means Game Over

There is “ARCADE” which spins around in the middle of the screen, which separates the 2-player fields, There is a “Next” piece visual at the top of each players field, which lets you know which will drop next, also helps with pre-planning, as in “Where am I going to put this one?” kinda scenario, then at the bottom we have the current player score under each players field, along with Credits in the centre bottom, and just above that, you will see rising lines, which are based on the blocks what drop, giving you statistics on which blocks you have had the most of up until the current point in the game

The Original Twin Tris has been made for PC here: so you can play it without Emulation, although I am not a huge fan of the Original Game, I much prefer this Super version!

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