The Great Escape of Billy Burglar

Here is another AMOS-Created Game called “The Great Escape Of Billy Burglar” by Richard Jobling and Grant McAllister, way back in 1993

The aim of the Game is pretty simple, But enjoyable to play, Your mission is to avoid the Search Light on every level, either by jumping over it, or using one of many platforms to avoid it

As the levels progress it gets harder, as the search light moves a lot quicker, so more skill is needed in order to avoid the search light on these later levels

I would have loved to see some sort of High Score Table, where you could replay the Game to get an even higher score perhaps, But sadly this feature is lacking

There is some nice music on the Title Screen which is kinda regimental style music, as well as some ingame music too, which gives the Game some ambience, and if you get hit, you get the Gun Firing shots, and a “Yippie!” sound effect when completing a level

This is not a Bad Game at all, I have sometimes played this for ages, while listening to some music, Time seems to fly while playing this Game

Design: Richard Jobling and Grant McAllister
Programming and Graphics: Richard Jobling
Sound Effects and Music: Grant McAllister

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