We have for you today, Crazy Columns released in 2021 by Jochen Hoffer

This is based off the Sega Columns Game from 1990, where you have to line up 3 or more of the same type of Jewel, in order to complete a line, which then vanishes and adds to your High Score

This game also allows you to upload your scores online, as it gives you an Online Code when you Enter your name for the High Score Table

Blocks will fall from the top of the screen, when they do, you can swap positions of the colours inside them to fit where you need it, or you can also make it drop faster as well

As time passes, the Blocks will fall much quicker, making it much harder to organise the Blocks in order to fit them into position in time

There are five difficulty levels available, from really easy to obscenely hard, and you even have a choice of 8 different backgrounds

There is some wonderful Music what plays on the Title Screen and In-Game, which can be adjusted or even turned off in the Settings, the Music is a nice touch, and blends in well with the Gameplay

Please visit the Official Crazy Columns website to find out more about this Game

Music – Neoman
Graphics – Jochen Hoffer
Sound – Jochen Hoffer
Dev – Jochen Hoffer

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