This is Snakes and Ladders by Delwyn S Farr in 1991

Well most people know how to play Snakes and Ladders, based on the board Game as many of us used to play (or still do play)

You can play between 2 and 4 players only, with no computer opponents (although I guess these could be programmed in since the source is available for this Game)

You play as Square counters, as Brown for Player 1, Pink for Player 2, Yellow for Player 3, and Cyan/Blue for Player 4

The mouse position is fixed over to the right-hand side, which contains the Player numbers from the top down, the Dice itself and the last box shows the current square the current player is on

You take turns to click the Dice, which spins and lands on a number from 1 to 6, Initially 6 gets you out onto the board, then afterwards, the number it lands on, is the number of spaces you move forward on the board in order to reach the end at the top left of the screen

The Sound Effects are pretty grim however, and The Graphics are nicely done, however, I feel that the counters are not very visible on the colour scheme used, making it difficult to see where everyone is, so thankfully there is that Current Square counter at the bottom right which at least points out where you are, I personally would have used less bright colours for the board, and brighter colours for the players

Code: Delwyn S Farr

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