This time Commercial Game Of The Month goes to UGH! by Play Byte in 1992

Here you take control of UGH! who sits under a tree, dreaming of nothing, until an Apple knocks him out and he wakes up, after designing a travelling machine

His girlfriend walks on and wants Diamonds, perhaps a Ring, or even Money, and UGH! then says No Money and points to his new contraption, She huffs and walks off

This is where the Game begins, You enter your Travelling Device and you now have to become a Taxi Service, delivering people to different platforms based on the Numbers they tell you when you land to pick them up

You aim is to deliver them to the destination without hitting any platforms or scenery hard, which will kill you

Do not land on top of them, as this will cause them to be thrown into the water below, and if you do not quickly pick them out of the water, they will drown and go under

On some levels there is a Tree, and a Rock, if you hit the Tree constantly with the Rock it will drop fruits for you to collect

This is a very well made platformer and is quite entertaining at times, the storyline is pretty well done, and the gameplay and graphics are great along with a very nice “Loading” screen to boot, with UGH! and his girlfriend surrounded by Love Hearts, awwwwww

There is a Demo which is available and this is also featured in the Games Collection under “Demos” and the RP9 is available for Amiga Forever as well

Code: Thomas Klinger, Björn Roy
Published: Play Byte
Developer: Ego Software
Design: Björn Roy, Peter Schmitz
Graphics: Thomas Klinger
Music: Rudolf Stember

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