The Commercial Game Of The Month for February 2022 is Troddlers by ATOD Design / The Sales Curve

In Troddlers, you need to guide your little orange coloured men to the Exit Doors (which looks like Cinema Curtains), along the way you need to Build paths with Blocks, such as Stone, Arrowed Blocks which forces the Troddlers through the block, and if anything is behind this block, such as a Wall, the Troddler will perish

In the Demo, there are 6 Demo Levels which are not included in the Full Game and also when you pick up Diamonds, they appear in your Block List for some reason, But vanish if they fall to the bottom, in the Full Game, they are added to your Diamond Tally in the sidebar

There are also Foes on some levels, which are Grey in Colour, and these will kill your Troddlers if they hit them, and on some missions, you need to kill the Foes in order to proceed

At the right side of the screen, you have your Scores, the Blocks in your Inventory, Diamond Pickup Counts, and at the bottom a Level Timer, in which you need to get the Troddlers to the Exit, sometimes you need all of them, other times you need a set amount, a synopsis screen appears before the level detailing what you need to do

The various blocks throughout the Game cause different things to happen to your Troddlers and even those Foes, ranging from Stones (on which your Troddlers will just walk around it), Direction Stones (which thrust your Troddlers in the indicated direction, eg. Up/Down/Left/Right), Ice Stone (which your Troddlers will lose thier footing and fall off the edges)

NOTE: This Demo forces load from DF0: so I have not been able to include it on the Games Collection, However, It is included as an ADF File which you can load in the usual way – Amiga Forever users can simply load the RP9 as Normal since this works fine

Coder: Christoffer Nilsson
Graphics: Dennis Gustafsson
Music: Allister Brimble

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