The Commercial Game for this month is Buggy Boy by Elite in 1988

You drive your Buggy around collecting Flags, and driving through Gate Bonuses which range from 100, 250 and even 500

There are 5 Tracks to choose from, including Offroad, North, East, West and South Tracks, each with its own design, some what loop around, and others do not

Along the way, Rocks, Boulders, Fences, and even Water will need to be avoided if you want to win

You must also collect the all important “TIME” Gates which must be driven through in order to award you more time to proceed along the course

There are Logs which can be used to jump over walls and rocks, and if you catch them on one side, you will pivot in a diagonal sideways motion for a while, which is quite neat

Publisher: Elite
Developer: Tatsumi
Code: Martin W. Ward, Richard Frankish
Graphics: Martin W. Ward, Richard Frankish

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