This absolute corker of a game is Titus The Fox to Marrakech and Back by Titus Software in 1992

You star as Titus the Fox, and your mission is to complete 15 levels in order to rescue your beloved called Suzy

In your way are Construction Workers, Dogs, Bees, and various other creatures who will all try and thwart your plans, You can pick up objects such as Paint Cans and throw them at the enemies, and some enemies you can pick up and throw at other enemies, lots of fun heh

You can pick up springs as well, which will help you bounce to higher out of reach levels, and there is even a flying carpet which you can get, you throw it out, then jump on it to fly slowly downwards towards the ground

This is one Game I do like to play, with its brilliant background music, and in-game sound effects, this is sure one of those Games, once you pick it up, it is very hard to put down

Publisher: Titus Software
Design: Florent Moreau
Code: Carlo Perconti
Graphics: Stephane Beaufils, Francis Fournier
Music: Christophe Fevre

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