This is Parcheese by Xavier Egusquiza in 1992

This board game is similar in gameplay to Ludo, After it loads, You choose the Players from the Menu Bar, such as how many Human and Computer Players do you want, eg. 1 Human, 1 Computer, or even 2-3-4 Computers to 1 Human or more Humans

The Computer players have 3 levels, Easy, Medium and Hard, now I picked all 3 settings for these in my play through above, and I was the Yellow Player, who just scraped in a win before the almighty Amiga beat me to it, it was pretty close though

What I find strange is that some of the rules it has prevent you from moving legitimate counters, as you will see in the video, some counters, despite being clear or perhaps another counter there, you cannot move it to take the counter or enter an empty space

There are Bonuses you can get too, if you capture an opponent, and they get thrown back into their home, you get 20 spaces to move ahead (which does not happen in Ludo)

Another Bonus is you get 10 extra moves if you complete the route by putting a counter in the centre of the game board

There are no sound effects or music ingame which is a shame really, as it would have been nice to hear counters being taken, and released from the home position, and maybe a cheer when they get to the centre

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