Today it is time for Space Invasion by Kevin Gallagher

This Game is a Space Invaders Clone, with overly huge Graphics, and trust me they are huge, and as all Space Invader Games, You do not really need me to tell you how to play this Game

The object is of course to shoot the enemies off the screen to complete the level, and continue on, for that High Score

Occasionally a Flying Space Ship will appear at the top of the screen, if you manage to hit it, you will get 50 points or sometimes more

This has to be another Game that you will not put down, it is very addictive, and has nice graphics, and is very true to form of the original Space Invaders from 1978 (Phew! That is a long time ago -ed)

NOTE: The Sequel, Space Invasion II, runs too fast to be playable, so both of these Games will be put together on the KS1.3 Games Collection

Publisher: Towerbyte Software
Code: Kevin Gallagher

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