Today we have for you, Pucman Worlds by Petri Häkkinen from 1993, Written in AMOS

You star as Pacman (Who knew?), and your task is to proceed around the unusually shaped worlds, collecting Brown Eggs, and and White Eggs which act as Power Pellets, so you can then munch through some Ghosts

This has a slightly different variation on Pacman per-se, The Ghosts do not have a House to go back to, and when eaten just roam around as an eaten Ghost for a while until they regenerate

The Ghosts also do not appear to target your Pacman, rather they move around randomly, and can of course corner you that way, which will cost you a life

At the top you have your current score, lives and level number overlayed on the screen, which is a nice touch

On later levels, there are other enemies to watch out for, which I am not going to spoil here, and some neat touches like rivers and bridges to cross

There is Music included on both the Title Screen and in-game, along with some pretty nice dot-eating sounds, and a funny “WAAA!” sound when you eat a Ghost, along with a “OOOOOOO!” sound when you die

There is also a Level Editor included as well, so you can change the level design although you must overwrite the original levels by doing so

This Game pretty is decent and exciting, and playability is certainly so great, that you will want to come back for another play

Developer: Mystic
Code: Petri Häkkinen
Graphics: Olli H-Pelz
Music: Petri Häkkinen
Sound: Petri Häkkinen

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