This is Mother Lode by Joe Rumsey (Night Owl Software), yet another good Lode Runner clone of sorts, The basic principle here is exactly the same as the other Lode Runner games

You start off flashing, in this mode the game is in effect “Paused” so it gives you time to study the level, and plan your route to collect all the Gold Bars, and then finally head for freedom at the top of the level

You have to collect the Gold Bars while avoiding the Red Men who will come after you, although the AI is a little strange at times and you will find them getting confused quite easily, you can easily avoid the Red Men by digging a hole, and standing back so that they will fall into the hole, thereby allowing you to walk over their heads and carry on the platform, However they only stay in the hole for a short time, before they leap back out and then proceed to hunt you down (unless the hole fills in, in that case, it will kill them and they will respawn at the top of the screen, flashing for a few seconds, before again coming after you)

You can climb the ladders and swing off the ropes (shown as lines on the screen) and even fall off the rope half-way so collect any Gold Bars which maybe suspended in mid-air, this is also a quick way to escape the Red Men, as you can go across the rope, let go, although as you do, any Men following you will also let go, and fall down, so you need to vacate the area quickly before they land nearby and start hunting you down again

To clear a level, you must collect all the Gold Bars, then proceed to the very top of the screen, at which point you will clear the level and the next one will show, then you will start flashing so you can have a good look at the level before moving, which will then start the game again

This game does not correctly run under Kickstart 2/3 the Collision Detection does not correctly work, so this is included on the KS1.3 HDF and also the Amiga Forever RP9 is KS1.3 compatible as well, so you can still enjoy this game, just as I still do to this very day, There is 50 levels included in this Shareware release

The quite upsetting thing is there is not much written about this game online anywhere, while searching not even, Lemon Amiga or Hall Of Light have any listings for this, so I guess this game has been overlooked, But not by me hehe!

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