This quite simple little game is called Mad Bomber created by David Papworth in 1991

You are a set of Black Tyres at the bottom of the screen, and your job is to catch all the Bombs the Mad Bomber drops, if you miss even one of them, You lose a life and have to carry on until Game Over

The Mad Bomber drops them from side-to-side, and changes direction mid-stream, so you have to be very quick to be able to keep up, ideally if you use the Mouse instead of the Joystick, You move a lot quicker and can catch many more

As you start off, the Bombs are dropped quite slowly, but as the levels increase the Bombs get faster and the Mad Bomber moves back and forth more quickly, it will take a lot of skill to keep up with him on later levels

There is no music here, just the sounds of Bombs dropping and being captured by the Tyres, and at the top, you have your Lives displayed on the left, Game information pops up in the top-middle, and finally you have your Score top-right, There is no High Score Table here, it simply shows your previous score on the title screen when Game Over occurs

Coder: David Papworth

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