This time it is Lemmingoids by El Caracho which is basically the same as Amigoids, which I reviewed a while back, But this version uses Lemmings Graphics and Sound Effects!

This time you play as a Umbrella, and you have to shoot Lemmings down to size, sometimes another Lemming will zoom onto the screen, which tries to shoot at you

As you shoot the Lemmings, you get various sound effects, as they gradually get smaller and smaller before they finally die as you fire the last shot

The Lemming Graphics are detailed and well designed, and the Sound Effects are top class, The game is essentially Asteroids, but with Lemmings, and I think it is a nice touch to have different enemies to shoot

The Game itself has been modified from Amigoids, which uses the Amiga IFF File Format, which has been modified, along with the Sound files, to create this masterpeice, The Sound Effects are Brilliant and so is the Gameplay too, Well worth a play this one, I think you will like it

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