Well here it is finally, after talking about it for what seems Months now, where I talked about having to modify it so it would work from a HDD instead of a Floppy Disk, This is Baldy – The search for Missing Disks, by Paul Jenkinson

Your mission here is to jump between the platforms using Left/Right movements collecting the Disks, and avoiding the Arrows which whoosh across the screen, You can go Up and Down platforms when standing on a Yellow topped Block while pressing the Fire Button

While you need to avoid the arrows and other objects, such as tiles with spikes on them, in order to pickup and obtain “Disks”, Once you have picked up enough Disks you are teleported to the Next Level

You can duck to avoid Arrows what fly up high, But do not step on the Spikes, as that will cost you a life, To change platforms, You go onto the platforms with the Yellow tops on them, and Push Fire to move Up/Down between platforms

The Arrows can be high up, which you can Duck to avoid, or low down, which you cannot avoid, so always teleport at the correct time so you can avoid these

There are Sound Effects, an “Ooooh!” one when you get Killed, by either an Arrow hitting you, or you jumping on some spikes, and the Fire Sounds of the Arrows as they whoosh across the screen

This is a nice simple game to play, and various levels of difficulty, which get harder at the Game progresses, above all it is a very well made Game

This version is also fixed so it will load from a HDD location and not DF0: heh, so please remember to assign “BAL:” to your destination folder before loading, eg. Assign BAL: “” (the double quotes means “current directory”)

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