Heres another favourite Pacman-clone of mine, The Kari Pihkala version, This one has very nice in-game music both on the Title Screen, and in-game too, making it one of the more musical-pacmans I have ever played, and its a nice touch!

The gameplay is of course Pacman-esque as expected, But in this version, the Ghosts seem a lot more clever, and will follow you around almost constantly, making it pretty difficult to get far into the game, although it can be done, You just have to be a lot more crafty than the Ghosts are!

The Graphics are well designed, from the Pacman himself, and the Ghosts, and also, and in this Version there is a 2 Player Mode, which can be taken in Turns, or at the same time, the 2nd Pacman Player is Pink, and in the Simultaneous mode, You both clear the level together, which I think is a really nice touch, of course you can take turns as well, that option is also there!

The MCMLXXXIX on the Title Screen equals 1979, so I doubt this is the year this game is created, perhaps it is the actual Date of Birth of Kari himself, I am not sure, But this is such a wonderful Pacman-clone it rightly deserves to be featured here, along with many more to come this month

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