Here is the Ultimate in Tetris games, Tetris Pro, Created by Logic Systems, way back in 1993

The gameplay is exactly the same as Tetris, but what makes this game stand out above the other clones, is the nice background music and the gameplay elements, such as special tiles which can cause screen flips and bonuses to be added to the score, which makes this game very enjoyable for long periods of play

The background image starts off at the bottom, and basically counts your lines to the top, at which point the picture fully reveals itself, on later levels, you need to produce more lines to make the picture appear (for example you need to get 2 lines or above for the picture to show, and this increases over time)

Again, I have not ever completed this game, as it is quite hard, and taxing at times, especially on the later levels, where it speeds up, and pieces drop faster, and the powerups get more frequent, which means if you make a line with them, they activate, and depending on the powerup, can cause all sorts of problems in completing the levels

All in All, Tetris Pro deserves recognition over many of the Tetris-style clones out there, its what sets it apart from the other clones, the nice background music, the background building of each level, the challenges, the special powerups you can get, its such a wonderfully made game, and is so playable even today

I cant think of anyone who hates Tetris, its such a great game to play, and this version shows Tetris off, with flying colours, I would recommend you try it today if you can!

Developer: Logic System
Design: Art, Cash
Coder: Cash
Graphics: Art
Musician: Sid
Sound Effects: Sid

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