George and the Repton-Clone AGA

Well what can I say about this gem of a game, It is a very well made game, You play as “George” (the guy with the “G” on his shirt (top-middle of lower image), and the aim is to get the gems which somewhat resemble diamonds (the red/green items), as well as on some levels, you need to redirect the enemies (the light blue with dark blue centre things) to gates which will then unlock them, and release another diamond, You sometimes need to do this in order to progress through the level to the exit

Repton is one of my favorite all-time games, and George is no different in this fact, I do enjoy playing the sometimes long and taxing levels, some which I still have yet to solve, due to the complexities involved in completing them, for example, one level where you start, and the direction you choose from that actual starting position will determine if you win or lose the level outright, one such level has George in the middle, 2 gems, to the left and right, and above both gems a boulder, if you moved left you would shut off access to one of those diamonds, if you moved right, you would be trapped, the only way to move was up, and even then you have to get the remaining diamond in order to complete the level much later, after you have solved the other tricky traps on the level

George also has a Level Editor as well, so you can even make your own taxing and difficult, or just plain simple, levels to complete, although I have never used this editor myself yet, I would certainly recommend you give George a try, its a very well made Repton-ish clone game, with some gameplay elements which are sure to delight some players

** NOTE: This game was highlighted on Twitter on 2019-09-16 before I made this website, and I plan to bring the other games I highlighted back over the months of Dec’20 and Jan’21

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