This is Pipeliner by Micheal Weber in 1992, Written in GFA-Basic

The object of this Game is to make the longest pipe possible, however, this version has 2 different sets of pipes you can use, rather than pressing Fire to place a Pipe, You will need to press Fire then either Left (to select the Left column) or Right, which will instantly place a pipe

Each peice of pipe you manage to get the water flowing through will Score you 100 points, and 100 points will be removed for non-used pipes, which will explode off the screen when the water reaches the end of the pipe

Sadly on closing, it is pretty challenging to get a long enough pipe before the countdown timer hits zero, I feel it should have been slowed down somewhat, as you hardly get to place any pipe before the water comes and if your pipe is not long enough, it results in an instant Game Over

Publisher: Only Games
Code: Michael Weber

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