This week it is Draughts by Steve Hargreaves

Upon loading you can choose the Number of Players, if you want to play 1st or 2nd, and the Computer Difficulty if you are playing Solo

This release is the full licenceware version which was released as Public Domain, and it has various bug fixes in as well

We all know how to play Draughts ya? – Well the Normal rules also apply here, there is a board with Red Peices at the Top, and Blue Peices at the bottom, and on each turn, you move your peice diagnoally into an empty space, and providing it is not an illegal move, then the other player (or computer) will move their peice

When a Red/Blue Peice touches and there is a square empty diagnoally, you can jump over and take the peice which you jumped over, for example if you are a C3 as Blue and at B2 there is a Red peice, and A1 has nothing in it, then you can jump from C3 to A1 while taking the Red peice out of the Game

There is some basic sound effects here, and occasioanlly a peice will “walk off” the screen which is kinda comical, and I think it is a nice touch

When you are crowned you have a “K” symbol on your peices, at this stage, they can move all directions (not just towards the other end of the table) and you can jump over and take your opponents peices in either direction, once the game is over Win/Lose flashes in the centre for a while, and then it will eventually put you back at the Title Screen, where you can play another Game or indeed Quit if you have had enough

Code: Steve Hargreaves

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