What do we have here then, well it is Hemroids by J. R. Parsison in 1991

This is an Asteroids-clone, where you need to shoot everything what moves before it shoots or hits you

The object of the Game is to shoot the Ateroids what surround you, each time you do, they split into smaller peices and fly off in different directions, until the smallest peices what you shoot disappear and vanish

There are occasionally Flying Saucers which will come on screen, these will give you extra points if shot dead

As each new level begins, the Asteroids change colour and more of them appear, and the Flying Saucers will also fire much quicker as they enter the screen

This version is pretty well made, and retains the feel of the Arcade Classic and certainly is one of those Games that stands the test of time, and is always nice to have a Blast on at every moment you get, trying to beat your previous High Score

Code: J. R. Parsison

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