This time we have Amega Race by AD-Leopold/Leopold-Soft from 1991

Your aim is to basically shoot the Cog Wheels which spin around the central scoreboard, There is one with a small dot in the centre, which you can kill first for extra points, if you kill them in order of course

In the centre there is a Scoreboard, which shows a visual number of ships left (3 to begin with), as well as the Level Counter in the top-left corner, along with your Current Score and the Hi-Score which is the maximum you have been able to score while playing

This Game is simplistic in nature, and is based off Omega Race for the Commodore 64, and is pretty fun to have a blast on when you are feeling bored

While I did search for an up to date or final release, it appears the last version you could get hold of is this one which is labelled as “Test Release 0.81 1991-02-21”

Developer: Leopold-Soft
Code: Mika Achren & Henrik Herranen
Sound: Henrik Herranen

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