Here we have a simple puzzle Game called quite simply “Dad” by David M. Cole

Sadly not much is known about the author, only a brief readme file is included, which says “Plink ID – Guru” at the end of it

You have a Grid of 20 Blocks, and within that Grid, you have 2 Small Green Blocks, 2 Horizontal Yellow Blocks, 4 Vertical Red Blocks, and one Huge Square Blue Block, and you must re-arrange these so that the Large Blue Block ends up at the Top-Right of the Grid

The basic objective of this Game is to get the Larger Blue Block from the Top-Left Corner to the Top-Right Corner, while clicking on the leading edge of the Blocks which will direct them into an Empty space if available

It may look easy, But it is quite challenging to do, and I have never completed it successfully even after all these years, then again, I am useless at Puzzle Games (Sorry!)

Code: David M. Cole

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