This wonderful Commercial Game is Double Dragon by Melbourne House in 1989

In this Side-Scrolling Beat-em-up Game, you take control of Billy Lee (and Jimmy Lee for 2 Players) who have to battle against the many enemies throughout

You need to defeat the Black Warriors in order to rescue, Marian, who was kidnapped

There are various items, such as Barrels, Oil Drums, Rocks, Dynamite and even weapons from a from Bats to Knives and in between, some Big Enemies, which take some knocking out

Your basic moves are Punch and Kick, and you can also Knee Enemies in the Face and even Throw them, as well as elbow someone coming up behind you, sometimes Enemies will drop weapons as well, so you have something to bash them with

The Graphical Detail is pretty good and very similar in looks to the Arcade version, with some Title Screen Music which can be nice for a while, but after looping constantly, Generally gets on my nerves, so I do have to mute it after a while

There are wooden bridges to walk across, ladders to climb, and enemies can burst through walls onto the screen, giving it some decent Gameplay Elements, and there are different levels which means you need to jump up them, after defeating all the Enemies, as some will prevent your progress

This Amiga version is pretty well designed, apart from the annoying looping Title Music, it is not a bad game to play

Publisher: Melbourne House
Code: Gary Vine, Pete Gartside, Richard Aplin
Graphics: Chris Collins, Haydn Dalton

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