This time the Commercial Game of the Month goes to The New Zealand Story from Choice/Ocean Software in 1989

You star as Tiki, and your task is to safely get Tiki through the stages, avoiding all the enemies and of course Spikes which will hurt Tiki

You start out with a Basic endless supply of Arrows, which you can use to shoot various enemies, some which will be flying on various shaped platforms

The levels themselves are quite large and have plenty of enemies on them to kill, on each enemy kill they will drop an item, this can be Fruit or even a New Weapon, such as Bombs or even a Laser-type Gun

Each stage has a certain time limit in which to complete it, this is never shown to the player, But upon reaching the end of it, a “Hurry Up!” banner will appear, and then another enemy will chase you down on screen until they kill you

Publisher: Ocean Software
Developer: Choice Software
Code: Colin Gordon
Graphics: S. Connor

Views: 368

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