The second installment is of course Diamond Caves II by Peter Elzner – which is also Freeware

Thankyou to Peter for allowing me to distribute the full Freeware versions of his Games, and there are also 2 Level Packs included from Aminet in this version as well, and there is also a Level Editor which allows you to make even more new levels

As with DC1, Diamond Caves II follows exactly the same process, as you travel around digging through the dirt, to collect those shiny Gems and Diamonds, in order to open the exit of the level

There is a different Title Screen in this version, which uses the In-Game Font for its text, and as usual you can select quite a lot more options in DC2

As with Diamond Caves, or any Boulderdash or Emerald Mine style of Game – Your aim is to collect enough Diamonds and Emeralds in order to exit the level, along the way you have Dirt which you can dig through, and Boulders, which you must prevent hitting you on the head, as they do hurt and take one of your lives

The edges of the Gameplay area are Solid Bricks, and there are also slippery bricks which when a Diamond, Emerald or even a Boulder touch, and there is a gap to the side of it, they will fall off and carry on down, until they hit, eiher you, which costs you a Life, a solid wall, or even a slippery wall with no space at the side of it, in which it will remain until a gap is cleared, and off it will drop again

There is also a High Score table which uses the name you enter at the start, and after each level it will display and highlight your score for the level you have just completed

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