Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons

This is Smarty and the Nasty Gluttons, by Bitmap Soft in 2020

In this game, you star as Smarty, and your task is to kill those Nasty Gluttons, which start off Green, best going to a higher level in game to begin with, then shoot one to turn it motionless, then keep firing it off a platform, to hit another Green Glutton below, then you will get some pickups to collect

If you leave them in the motionless state for too long, they will wake up and turn a Red colour and gain a faster speed, so these must be avoided or shot quickly to turn them motionless again

On the Game Screen while playing, you have your Lives displayed, along with a rack of Empty Keys, which are gained by pushing a motionless Glutton off a platform on top of another one below, which then blasts them both, and out pops a Key, collect 5 Keys and the next level will commence ..

There is also a level progress screen what shows up between levels, showing you an island with your current position on it, where you press Fire to begin the action properly

Development of this Game originally started in 1992, and you can read a lot more about this either by visiting the Official Website (below) or by clicking “Making Of” in the Menu System

This is a really nice well made game, and it is great that it was completed so we can all enjoy it today, and forever more ..

NOTE: You can/could buy a “Deluxe Collectors Edition” here for your Real Amiga, in a Big Glossy Box, with Floppy Disks (what are those? -ed), a Full Colour Instruction book, a Badge and a Poster – Sadly when I looked while reviewing the Game, it was out of stock

Please check out the official website for the Game too!

Publisher: Bitmap Soft
Code: Sami Karjalainen, Eero Tunkelo
Graphics: Mikko Lipiainen, Hans Zenjuga
Music: Sami Jarvinen, Juha Kujanpaa, Aleksi Eeben
Sound: Aleksi Eeben, Ville Hyovonen

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