The Game of the Month this time, goes to Bubba ‘N’ Stix, by Core Design in 1994

You star as Bubba, and you have a Stix, in this cartoony-style Game, your task is to hit and kill enemies with your stick, which you can also throw at enemies as well, pick up various items dotted around the level, some in secret areas, and clear off outta there

Your Stix is used to defeat enemies, and can be put into holes in walls and even Trees (oooo missus!) to allow you to climb to out of reach places

The Graphics are very nicely done, and follow a Cartoony-style theme, The animations are smooth, leaves even blow in the wind, and the full game has 5 levels, which are action packed, and great to play, ranging in difficulty from dead easy, to absolute nightmare

There are Sound and Music options in the full game, the Demo just has Music throughout with no sound effects

This is a decent platform game which is challenging and will keep you entertained for quite a while

There is a short Demo, which shows you about 60% of the first level, but while you can put your stick in the first tree in the Full Game, it prevents you climbing over it (which would allow you to explore behind it) in the Demo, it also includes those 2 noisy chatting blobs, sadly without the “chat noise” since music replaces this in the Demo

Publisher: Core Design
Code: Mark Watson, Simon Phipps
Graphics: Billy Allison, Simon Phipps
Music: Martin Iveson

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