Month: June 2022

Double Dragon

This wonderful Commercial Game is Double Dragon by Melbourne House in 1987 In this Side-Scrolling Beat-em-up Game, you take control of Billy Lee (and Jimmy Lee for 2 Players) who have to battle against the many enemies throughout You need to defeat the Black Warriors in order to rescue, Marian, who was kidnapped There are […]


This time it is Defender by Giles F. McArdell You have to look after the Humanoids and protect them from the Aliens which inhabit the Levels There are several different Enemies, such as Mutants, Bombers, Pods, Swarmers and Baiters each with different abilities as follows Landers are Green and drift over the landscape until they […]

Bridge Ball

This time it is Bridge Ball by Rod Mack in 1991 The object of this rather simple Game is to move the Pipes and Platforms into position so the Ball will roll over them (or through them) so it can reach the dry grassland in the distance Mostly all Platforms can be moved, although some […]


This time it is Blob-A-Blob by AmigaLive in 1990 You play as a Green Blob, and your task is to colour up all the Tiles on each platform while avoiding the nasties what lurk around Your only method of avoiding the Nasties is a Jump Up method, so timing is definately key here, as jumping […]


This Game is called Atoms created in 1993 by Tom Khun It is a 2-4 Player Game, where you place “Atoms” on a Game Board, which start off as a Single Dot in the Grid, but each turn, you click it and it expands until it explodes Once an atom reaches its explode limit, it […]