Month: November 2020

Tetris Pro

Here is the Ultimate in Tetris games, Tetris Pro, Created by Logic Systems, way back in 1993 The gameplay is exactly the same as Tetris, but what makes this game stand out above the other clones, is the nice background music and the gameplay elements, such as special tiles which can cause screen flips and […]


Megaworm which was written by Kirk D’Souza in Devpac 3, is a take on a Classic Worm Game, in which you have to pick up (in this case) White dots to progress through the levels, You can optionally play with a dumb computer player, well I say dumb, but on the earlier levels he can […]

Wizzys Quest

Wizzys Quest is a fun game, You play the Red character, who has to guide the Wizard (in Purple) to the Exit door, by building a pathway, You also have to avoid all the enemies, whereas the Wizard is immune to all of them, since he puts up a shield at the start when you […]

Bobs Garden (Mr.Do Clone)

Bobs Garden, is a clone of Mr.Do! from the Arcades. in which you have to collect the Cherries, while avoiding the enemies, there is also Apples which can be dropped on the Chickens as well The gameplay is identical to Mr.Do! as in, you need to Score as many points as possible, while moving around […]

Cave Runner

Welcome to the Start of Amiga Boing Blog, which begins with Cave Runner, A Game of Boulders which will Crush you, Stars which will Kill you if they fall on your Head, and Bubbles which Float Upwards and when a Top Hat hits them, will turn into Stars which will fall down until they hit […]