Month: March 2021

Breakout (PP)

Breakout is a game by Jeroen Knoester from, Created using the AMOS Programming Language – This is basically a decent Arkanoid (Arcade) remake or clone in effect, and it has various powerups which alter gameplay, for example adjusting the size of your bat etc It has some rather nice title screen music as well, […]

Mine Runner

Forgive me but I am actually well hyped over this game! Mine Runner was made by Matthias Bock in April 2002 for the Amiga, and was originally Shareware, But is now Freeware ( It is based off Lode Runner (Arcades) where you have to collect all the Gold Bars (actually pictured as Red Blocks inside […]

Digger (Dig-Dug Clone)

Digger is a great remake of the Arcade Classic “Dig-Dug” and works in exactly the same way, You start off in the middle of the screen, in which your aim is to kill off all the enemies to proceed In order to defeat the enemies, You either need to inflate them with your equipped tool, […]

Trix (Qix Clone)

Trix by G.Hales is a simple “fill the screen in” type-of-game, which is similar to Qix from the Arcades, You get points for filling the screen above a preset fill level (eg. 60%) which increases over time, making it more difficult Unusually for this game, there is no Title Screen Graphics, it simply starts off […]