Month: May 2021


Another PD classic has to be Battlements by Scallywag / Blatant Rip-offs PLC (LOL!), This game is written in the AMOS programming language, and features Quasimodo, who you control, and the aim is to complete each short 1-screened level, while a guard slowly climbs the stairs at the start, and then proceeds to walk towards […]

Arabian Nights [D]

Here is another Amiga Gem of sorts, Arabian Nights – Here you are essentially thrown in the Dungeons to rot, your mission is to escape and solve various puzzles throughout the levels, in order to progress in the game. Once you get out of your Dungeon Cell, you are tasked with rescuing a Prisoner, but […]


This is Amigoids, an asteroids-clone of sorts, Which basically works in the same way as Asteroids in the Arcade You start in a small Space Ship in the centre of the screen, you are equipped with bullets, and your aim is to shoot the asteroids along with any flying saucers which appear throughout each level […]

Amoeba Invaders

Here’s yet another great classic game, This time made by Late Night Developments Corporation, Amoeba Invaders, is like all Space Invader Clones, Awesomely Great Fun to play! Basically you have to shoot the enemies at the top (in Red, Green and Blue colours) while avoiding their fire which rains down upon you, There are 4 […]


Platman is another brilliant classic game by John Hardie of Frentic Software, This is Pacman but with a huge twist on the whole game physics! In this game, You are Pacman, but the game works on Platforms, as opposed to a Grid The object of the game is to Collect the Items on the screen, […]