Month: January 2021

Donkey Kong

Donkey Kong is a Great Classic to play, The game opens up with the Gorilla climbing to the top, holding your Girl, then he slowly moves to the Left of the screen in a Jumping motion, thereby collapsing the Steel Girders into the design as shown above, once the cut scene is finished, you start […]


This is Dozer, no its not a sleepy game, far from it, In this game you control a Bulldozer, which allows you to push Blocks, of which only sides marked Green can be pushed (eg. Green bottomed Blocks can only be pushed up, for example) When you start, the level has one or more pushable […]

Locomotion [D]

This is Locomotion, a very simple Train-based game, in which you must redirect Trains to their correct stations, within a tight time limit, If you hold the Right Mouse Button, you can temporarily speed up the game, can be useful if you are waiting for the Last Train to make it into a Station before […]

Flag Catcher

Flag Catcher is a very nice simple game, in which you pick squares off a grid, in order to try and reveal the Red Flag to complete the level Along the way, there are Bombs, which will clear the entire game board of tiles, back to the original Blue, so memorizing tiles is a must […]